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    Boston Lady Whalers Elite Hockey

    The Boston Lady Whalers program has been built under the basis of our belief in placing a primary focus on coaching and taking an individualized approach with each of our players.  Female hockey players are much different than boy players, and need to be instructed differently.  What sets the Lady Whalers program apart, is that we have a staff with qualified and experienced women hockey players that have reached the highest levels and taken in coaching from the best in the game.  Our program does not take the path of "another Dad behind the bench", as we have sat down and strategized a plan to give individual instruction to each player, in an effort to maximize their learning experience while wearing a Lady Whaler uniform.

    One of the philosophies and guiding principles in forming the Boston Lady Whalers at the younger ages was for kids from the across US, Canada, and Europe to establish friendships through the game of hockey that will hopefully last a lifetime for them.

    2023 Prospective Player Form

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    We are excited to return to Blaine, Minnesota in June of 2022 to represent the East Coast at North America's paramount female showcase!

    Boston Lady Whalers Coach & U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist, Megan Keller, works with a young player at 2020 BLW Summer Training Camp.

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